We specialize in restoring and repairing all types of damaged mismatched, dirty faded leathers plastics and vinyl's found in virtually every aircraft made. In addition our products are used to successfully restore the leathers, fabric, vinyl's and plastics found in the home, office, automobile boats, RV vehicles and commercial seating venues. In addition Color Glo offers re-dyeing services whether it is for a simple touch up or a complete color change.. Color Glo is an ISO 9012002 company that produces environmentally safe water-based products which have passed certain vertical burn testing requirements under FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F part (a) (l) (ii) AMD-25-72 Federal Aviation Regulations and were shown not to add flammability to aircraft leather upholstery. Private aircraft owners and manufacturers alike appreciate the Color Glo and AIM partnership which joins state of the art proven and tested products with the expertise and experience only an FAA certified repair station can offer. Your interiors are an expensive and very visible part of your aircraft, so whether you are preparing your aircraft for resale or just interested in keeping your aircraft the best condition possible, let Color Glo and AIM take over the interior maintenance and restoration of your valuable assets. Our proprietary Color Glo products are exclusive, fully tested and backed by an International company. This insures the customer's complete satisfaction now and into the future.
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